Atlanta Named A Top City for Millennial Job Seekers in 2016

Atlanta Named A Top City for Millennial Job Seekers in 2016

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NerdWallet conducts a host of studies that pinpoint the best locations for job seekers in various categories. On of their most recent reports targets millennials and the best cities for them to find work. They analyzed the 100 largest U.S. cities and ranked them according to the places that provide the best environments for college graduates who are just starting out.

Atlanta Named #9 out of 100 large cities

“College graduates in Atlanta, whether they’re newcomers or fresh from the city’s many universities, enjoy a lower cost of living than in most other cities on our list. Here, the median annual earnings for a resident 25 or older with a bachelor’s degree are $50,420, and rent runs at 22.9% of the median income, one of the lowest percentages in the top 10. In terms of jobs, recent grads may find opportunities at Atlanta’s 13 Fortune 500 headquarters, such as Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola and Delta Air Lines. In 2015, Atlanta was home to the third-highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in a city.”

Click to see the full report: NerdWallet Millennial Job Seeker Report

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