Great Reviews from Readers

M2A-040_MariettaSquare5.0 out of 5 stars
Jewel of a Book for Newcomers
By Sandra Gualtieri

New to Atlanta? Moving here some day? You have to read this little jewel of a book. The Neighborhoods section is hugely valuable both in historic perspective as well as cultural variations. You will want to take a tour through these neighborhoods to enjoy their contrasts (vive la difference!). The housing prices are clearly defined, from low to high. It’s like having an Atlanta native in your back pocket! While I have been here for many years, observing the many changes to this beautiful city, Moving to Atlanta: The Un-Tourist Guide is full of fresh details you can only find here.

 4.0 out of 5 stars
Great for relocating families
By Famileigh

We are facing relocation to the Atlanta area. Although I have traveled frequently to the city on business, I didn’t understand which neighborhoods would be right for our family. This book really captures the spirit of the very different communities in metro Atlanta.
It also includes lots of stuff on fun things to do with the kids. All in all, a most helpful book.

M2A-78_East Atlanta Village Farmers Market4.0 out of 5 stars
A wealth of helpful data

By ReaderExtraordinaire

This book can be a very valuable guide to people who know they are moving to Atlanta OR the person contemplating a moving and considering Atlanta to be on its short list. The book has a wealth of data not found in most guides — how hospitals compare, how high schools compare with others nationally, etc. I can’t imagine anyone walking away from this book claiming it wasn’t comprehensive enough for them…

…Perhaps the best aspect of the book is its in-depth descriptions of neighborhoods both inside and beyond the Perimeter. This is what most people moving want and need — a clear understanding of ‘hoods so they can quickly narrow their selection not just to what they can afford but also what fits their lifestyle.

4.0 out of 5 stars
The best guide to a city I’ve read
By Lynne Holder

This is an excellent guide for anyone considering a move to metro Atlanta. It’s no doubt the most comprehensive guide to a city I have ever seen. I particularly appreciated a couple of aspects of the book: the attention to neighborhoods outside as well as inside the perimeter, and interviews with people actually living in them. Reading a first-hand account of a resident allows for a much better feel of an area.

M2A-004_Aquarium-Shot_Beluga-Whale_thumb.jpg5.0 out of 5 stars
Best Guide Book of Atlanta I’ve Ever Read
By Lee Gimenez

This is the best guide book of Atlanta I’ve ever read.
As a novelist I use guide books of locations all the time. In cases where I have not been able to visit a city, these guide books give me a wealth of information about places where my novels are located, whether they be in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or South America. Since several of my books are set in Atlanta, Georgia, I am always researching details and facts about this city. As a consequence, I use many guide books about Atlanta, and without a doubt, “Moving to Atlanta” is the best I’ve read. The author includes numerous details of Atlanta, including weather, housing, schools, restaurants, a geographic guide, traffic patterns, television stations, things to do, cultural information, entertainment, community organizations, farmers markets, festivals, and countless other items too numerous to mention. I also found the photos and charts of the area very useful. If you are moving to Atlanta, or already live here (as I do), I can highly recommend this book.

5.0 out of 5 stars
An excellent overview of our city
By Russj

As someone who has lived in this wonderful state and city for almost 35 years… I have to say I’m impressed. “Moving to Atlanta…” is up to date… contemporary with a wide range of information and tidbits about the city… its politics, people and culture. Spending 20 years here as a journalist has given me a unique perspective and access to all of the city and its neighborhoods… both inside and OTP (outside the perimeter, as they say..) The author covers the good and the bad (traffic and rush hour!!). But anyone contemplating moving to our city will soon learn the ebb and flow of the city and its interstate.