Moving Timetable & Tips

Moving Checklist

(Reprinted with permission from Peachtree Movers)

Here’s a quick checklist of things people should do heading to the big move day:

friends packing to moveFour Weeks Ahead

· Decide on a mover.

· Start sorting through your things to decide what to keep and what to throw out.

· If you are having your mover pack your belongings, arrange to have it done one or two days prior to your move.

· If you decide to pack yourself, start this week. Make packing easy on yourself.

o Pack gradually.

o Pack items not being used; as in closets, attics, lofts, rafters, etc. well ahead of time.

o If you pack a little each day for 30 days, meeting your packing deadline will not be as exhausting or time consuming prior to your move.

· Fill out post office change-of-address cards at post office or go online at

· Start notifying businesses, relatives and friends of your move.

· Don’t forget to notify credit cards, subscriptions and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Three Weeks Ahead

· Hold a garage sale.

· Arrange to have gas, electricity and cable TV disconnected in your present home and connected in your new home the day after moving day.

· If drapes, clothes, rugs, etc. are to be stored for over 90 days, send them out for cleaning prior to being stored.

· Arrange to have phone service disconnected no earlier than half way through the move day in case your movers need to reach you that morning!

· Make plans for childcare the day of the move.

Two Weeks Ahead

· Make sure your new home will be ready by move day. Decide where you want the movers to place furniture.

· Begin to use food up instead of moving it.

· If necessary, reserve the elevator for pick-up/delivery.

One Week Ahead

· Arrange for newspaper and other delivery services to be halted.

· Close or transfer bank accounts if necessary.

· Dispose of flammable items. Drain fuel from power tools.

· Return any borrowed items to neighbors.

· Pick up items at the cleaner.

Three Days Ahead

· Remove anything from drawers that might spill, break or stain.

· Have an ice chest or box ready to hold food from the refrigerator on move day. (Movers will advise you when to start packing it.)

· Make sure you keep all medications needed in a safe accessible spot during packing.

· Set aside valuable items you are taking with you.

Two Days Ahead

· Make up a box of things you’ll need immediately at the new home. Include lightbulbs, garbage bags, hammer and nails, soap, paper towels, cups, bathroom tissue, canned soup, crackers, and any other snacks your family might like.

· If you’re moving plants, don’t water them again until they’re moved.

One Day Ahead

· Pack all of your personal belongings.

· Arrange to have dogs tied up and out of the way on move day.

Moving Day

· Arrange to be at home for the entire move. The movers will need your instructions.

· Before the loaded truck leaves, make sure nothing has been left behind.

· If your delivery is another day, give the driver a phone number where you can bereached in the meantime.

· Meet the movers at the new house to supervise unloading; they will place the

furniture exactly as you want it.